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As expected Yuuki didn't have any problems winning her match. Not as expected is Akari had even less trouble with Azusa! Azusa didn't even get close to beating Akari. We're one round closer to the hyped Toki vs Akari match.

Miki did well to even make it this far but Koromo is going to be even tougher to get past than Tomoka. Koromo is in the running to win the Block so knocking her off would be a good way to show that Idolm@ster can do more than just knock of midcarders. I wouldn't really bank on it happening. It might go down to the final hour but Koromo will win. Mei will just cruise into the Block semifinals. Neither of her opponents can really challenge her.

Amae Koromo
Misaki Mei

Amae Koromo
Misaki Mei
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