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Originally Posted by ZeroXSEED View Post
^ Exactly

Though, I'm running out of normal, high end plane too. More or less, because logistic DO matter.

Houki's Falken and Ling's J-20 is rendered inop after the destruction of Stonehenge, ISAF never flew European craft, Osean pilot also never use Sukhoi or MiGs (though Yukes using American craft is a plot point *cough*Grunder*cough*)
Just keep using the more common planes then. Heck, the official planes of some of the PCs are the F-15C, F-14, and F-16. And enemy aces use common planes just fine for the most part.

If you need more planes though, there is the Fenrir, Varcolac, Cariburn, Fregata and Apalis.
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