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We have no idea how the real novel will fluctuate from the web ones though. Anything that happens there might undergo a massive change, so I personally think it's pointless to read the old web novels.
There might be massive changes, but there might also not be any - for example there's no major changes in Progressive Vol1 plot compared to WEB version. Besides, after reading some of what happened I'd like to know what happened next, especially when there's already one version out there. If nothing else it'll be interesting to see what's different between LN version and WEB version - my summaries of WEB vol2 earlier showed SAO could have feasibly been adapted into a eroge on par or better than Fate/Stay Night with a few tweaks
Originally Posted by Netto Azure View Post
I love you(r summaries/synopsis) :P
Seriously, on series that I love, I really just can't help but revel in spoilers and look for as much info about it as possible LOL.
For some series I'd prefer to avoid spoilers, but SAO is one of the ones that I'd prefer to dig for info and see what happened next like this, yeah.
TBH, I just really don't see why SAO gets so much hate when it gets pretty deep like this.
SAO is good, but it isn't without its flaws and/or some people prefer different kinds of plot/character. Time-skips are liberally used, some people don't like a hyper-competent protagonist that doesn't seem to be able to fail when the chips are down (as opposed to a protagonist that develops from 'level 1', so to speak), and disregarding whether the use of NTR is effective story-telling or not some people don't like reading about it at all in a story. It's understandable there'll be people out there that don't like SAO, even taking into account the usual 'Haters gonna Hate' crowd that shows up in every fanbase regardless of the series.
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