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(Oh, I'm sure there're lots of girls who'd happily be drafted blind to have any wish fulfilled!) But in the current situation, without any outside compelling or coercion, then it implies a spirited girl could break the contract without any repercussions, would that sound possible? Of all the thousands of girls thru history there MUST'VE been more than a few rebellious types who felt royally screwed and told QB to chuck it. (Can't believe they were all good mannered little girls who did as they were told!). Does QB assassinate such rebels and malcontents to keep the status quo? Or do we actually know what happens to a magic girl who simply quits fighting and retires to a peaceful life that can't feed the seed? Surely some must've tried the nun's life! It might be that shut-mouthed QB doesn't give the girls any ideas that jilting the contract is possible! Or maybe "contract" is a misnomer and what KB's really offering is a sealed no body back deal. But someone here sparked a good idea; maybe the idea of a "contact" really acts like a kind of sly subconscious key to "turn on" a girl's latent power, kind of like a sorcer needs certain key incantations to unlock powerful spells. That's an interesting concept! It could mean a girl has an ability to break the contract more than she knows! I also like the notion that QB's race might have "overlords" watching over them and the contract thing and dishing out powers as required; it always puzzled me that QB's race was able to grant Madoka god-like powers apparently beyond their own, even surprising a clueless QB at the end. How can you grant one power that you don't have yourself -- unless it's handed down from somewhere else? Plus granting any wish that potentially powerful would've been suicidal to QB's race in the hands of a less bleeding-heart shrewder girl. How could QB let that one slip by? IMHO.
Originally Posted by NTFTH
The Pleiades Saints tried to rebel and get out of the contract. They even made their own Incubator that could cleanse their Soul Gems, then erased everyone in the city's memories of Kyubey.

It didn't work, and their Incubator couldn't really clean their Soul Gems, turns out it could only make them look purified. Then they almost all turned into Witches or were killed by another magical girl manipulated by QB.

Thanks a million for that info tip, NTFTH! Looks like I'll be hitting the novels now! Are there any other Madoka sites that focus on the novels you're aware of?

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