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I am really surprised how educated Kougami actually is.

And still, education doesn't imply the same interpretation of information.

And Kougami's is quite inconsistent.

On the one hand he has spent his life as a stupid hunting dog and even accepting it, without actually giving much of a second thought to it.

When it comes to Makishima, he goes as far as putting his colleagues into danger, to kill Makishima. Shitting on laws or whatever

Wow, it's like he is twilight.

Similar with his prof.
While he knows Sybil is shit, he just isolated himself from it, instead taking actions against the system.
And while being at it, he even helps Kougami to hunt down Makishima, someone tp fight the system, he doesn't accept.

It's rather stupid.
Also, it seems that Japan is almost completely isolated from the rest of the world.

On a positive note: Kougami can't beat Makishima.
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