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Originally Posted by Enjou View Post
Great episode, and a perfect cliffhanger.

In regards to Sybil "recruiting" Akane for their own purposes, I don't think it's Sybil as a whole - if that was the case they would have likely have come in the form of the chief. Instead a drone came in the middle of the night and she's being communicated to through a Dominator. It's sneaky. Remember that the Sybil system is a gestalt system, one made of multiple individual human brains. While information is shared the individual personalities are still preserved. One of those personalities may have come to a different conclusion than the rest of the group and is essentially rebelling against the group consensus by not sharing everything anymore and informing Akane of the true nature of the system.

The best analogy I can think of is the Geth from Mass Effect. Individual processes share information so the Geth as a whole can come to consensus, but eventually there was an issue where agreement couldn't be reached and the heretic Geth faction branched off.
I agree with Enjou on this assessment.

On the topic of food, I think they still have cow farms and what not. Just 99% of their food contains some form of hyper-oatmeal.
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