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Originally Posted by Vallen Chaos Valiant View Post
What is worse than absolute terror and police state where anyone can be executed at any time?

Please, do name a worse government. The Soviet Union was probably NICER.

The Sybil system is easily replaced. It's just 250 people doing whatever they wanted. Replacing the brains with normal human employees with oversight. and people would barely notice.
Are you JOKING?! The sybil system is bad, but not as bad as the USSR.At the very least, there are SOME legitimate reasons as to why people get jailed in Psycho Pass. In the Soviet Union, you can get executed simply because someone else reported you without any evidence. The Soviet Union is one of the craziest totalitarian states there ever was.An average of 1,000 people gets executed by Stalin per day. At least 20 million died because of Stalin, and combined with the rule of Lenin and others, even more.I sincerely hope that you are just joking. Besides that, replacing those 250 brains with normal government employees is even crazier. They probably don't have the ability to control the country. The end line is that change is not always good.Correcting a society isn't as easy as you claim. In most cases, the government following an anarchy is usually totalitarian, as usually, it is those who are most ruthless and 'efficient' who are able to end the anarchy. E.g. Napoleon Bonaparte, Lenin, Caesar Augustus and Diocletian.

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