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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post

As for Psycho-Pass' Japan vs. Stalin's USSR, it's an interesting comparison.

Stalin's USSR was clearly much harsher on political dissidents. Having controversial political views won't, in and of itself, get you into trouble in Psyco-Pass' Japan.
I wouldn't quite agree with that. Look at Masaoka, he didn't agree with Sibyl and his CC goes up. He accepts it and it stops going up. I'm sure that the same thing would happen to any journalist who decides to write a scathing editorial of the Sibyl System

There doesn't appear to be anything quite like the KGB here.
Of course not. They have drones and scanners instead.

OTOH, if you towed the party line in Stalin's USSR and just went about your business, you weren't likely to get into trouble. In Psycho-Pass' Japan, all it takes is one bad reading, and you're liable to get killed or incarcerated for life. The arbitrariness of it all is what's so alarming.
I once read a real life story about a fellow who didn't clap loudly enough, or something like that, at one of Stalin's speeches. Next day, the fellow was taken away, so Stalin's USSR was pretty arbitrary too.

If forced to choose between living in Stalin's USSR or living in Psycho-Pass' Japan, I'd probably choose the latter. But that's at least partly because Psycho-Pass' Japan is much more high-tech than Stalin's USSR. Might be neat to take advantage of some of that futuristic technology.
Me too, I need my tech.

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