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Originally Posted by Soconfused View Post
Good episode. If Makishima, Kogami's Professor, and Choe Gu-Sung sat at a table and talked politics for 23 minutes, I wouldn't even care, I love listening to it. I want more intelligent dialogue in anime.
Agreed. It's almost a shame that the plot has to cut these conversations a bit short sometimes. Gen does compelling political dialogue.

Originally Posted by Endscape View Post
I wouldn't quite agree with that. Look at Masaoka, he didn't agree with Sibyl and his CC goes up. He accepts it and it stops going up. I'm sure that the same thing would happen to any journalist who decides to write a scathing editorial of the Sibyl System
I see your point on Masaoka, but the man is in law enforcement. Even the wussiest of police states are going to want their police on-side. Hence the term "police state".

But look at Kogami's Professor. The man is entirely left alone. I doubt he's a fan of Sibyl, but Sibyl leaves him alone to his very comfortable, albeit lonely, life.

If you have good mental health, and never get stressed out a lot, then Sibyl seems to more or less leave you alone. It's impact on your life is then comparable to a regular check-up with a family doctor, or doing out your taxes. The problem is that all it takes is one bad life experience, and you getting stressed out over it, and BANG! - Killed or incarcerated for life. No recourse. No lawyers. No second chances. That is indeed very brutal.

Plus, I don't think those 250 brains are entirely trustworthy.
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