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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
I see your point on Masaoka, but the man is in law enforcement. Even the wussiest of police states are going to want their police on-side. Hence the term "police state".
You have a point, but it's really a slippery slope.

But look at Kogami's Professor. The man is entirely left alone. I doubt he's a fan of Sibyl, but Sibyl leaves him alone to his very comfortable, albeit lonely, life.
Is it that Sibyl leaves him alone, or he left Sibyl? The guy is practically a hermit, I don't see him walking the streets where the scanners can see him.

The problem is that all it takes is one bad life experience, and you getting stressed out over it, and BANG! - Killed or incarcerated for life. No recourse. No lawyers. No second chances. That is indeed very brutal.
Not just that. Do or think something the brain overlords disagree with, and you're toast. Like Yayoi and the professor's students.

Plus, I don't think those 250 brains are entirely trustworthy.
Pretty much. I actually just had a thought about Kagari when I read what you posted. What if the reason he was labeled as a latent criminal at such a young age was so the brains could see how he would develop with such a stigma on him? Sounds like the sort of intellectual experiment they'd like.

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