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Originally Posted by Roger Rambo View Post
To be fair, the Cuban Missle Crisis was partially jump started because the United States made ACTUAL attempts to take over the country. We trained a battalion to take over the country. From the Cuban governments perspective, inviting the Soviets with all their wonderful hardware was within their interest.
Which begs an interesting thought. The USA made mild attempts at invading because they consider Cuba to be a part of their goverment (just like Puerto Rico and some islands in the pacific), otherwise they would not grant automatic USA nationality to cuban exiles. So, China says Taiwan is part of their goverment and have made mild attempts to intimidate and have not discarded an invasion, should then Taiwan go nuclear for the sake of self preservation? >: )

If anything, the real comparison should be how Cuba and North Korea responded to the realities of a post cold war environment where they were cut off from soviet aid. By all discernible measures, Cuba adapted much better than North Korea.
TBT Fidel Castro was lucky, their economy was wrecked ten years after the fall of the USSR, then Hugo Chavez was elected president and took over the oil emporiums in his country and used the money to subsidize the cuban economy like the USSR did back in the day (and nowadays are scared shitless that after the elections in Venezuela the $$$ stops flowing their way), otherwise cuba might mimicked NK strategy and re-initiated work on juragua nuclear plant
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