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Originally Posted by ogon_bat View Post
Which begs an interesting thought. The USA made mild attempts at invading because they consider Cuba to be a part of their goverment (just like Puerto Rico and some islands in the pacific), otherwise they would not grant automatic USA nationality to cuban exiles.
What you smoking man? Cause I sure as hell want some.

No. The United States did NOT consider Cuba part of their sovereign territory. If we did, we wouldn't have let there be a local Cuban government for Castro to overthrow, and we certainly wouldn't have allowed it to exist like this for decades after the Spanish American War. The fact that the US gave the cuban Exiles us citizenship is less about claiming cuba, and more about trying to show solidarity with them as refugees from an anticommunist state.

Seriously. Cuba's been an interdependent country since 1902.
Originally Posted by ogon_bat View Post
So, China says Taiwan is part of their goverment and have made mild attempts to intimidate and have not discarded an invasion, should then Taiwan go nuclear for the sake of self preservation? >: )
I'm not even going to dignify this with a response considering that your "interesting thought" that this analogy is coming from has absolutely no basis in reality.
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