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Originally Posted by Estavali View Post
From what I read from my source, it means "The Sparrows Stretches/Tests their Wings" =3. It's a reference to the Juniors' development in this volume =3
Okay, thanks. (Most of the Japanese-English online translators use "flap", but Stretch makes more sense)

Originally Posted by tsunade666 View Post
Is there any news for the next update or new chapter from mamare? I haven't heard an update since the end of vol 8.
Nope. Usually, he doesn't start posting new chapters until the last finished web novel volume is published (or, that's what I remember happening with volume 7/8). Volume 7 was published in December, and then he started posting new chapters for volume 8 starting in March. With Volume 8's release date set for the end of September (perhaps, the Monday before S2 airs), we probably won't be seeing Volume 9 chapters for a while.


He mentioned after finishing volume 8 that he had already begun gathering the materials for volume 9, so he was probably doing some research for it like he did for Isuzu in volume 8.
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