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Originally Posted by Estavali View Post
This probably might not be very helpful to most of us here, but famitsu released an interview with series supervisor Mr Matsuda Shouji and animation director Mr Ishihira Shinji which touched quite a bit on season two: (Nihongo)

Btw, personally I don't think volume nine will make it to the 2nd season. Season two is slated for Autumn, i.e. October. Even if Mamare somehow manages to squeeze volume nine out in August, I believe it'll still be too late to be included in an October show.
Not to be selfish, but can you give a brief summary on the Log Horizon stuff that was mentioned? Or just some highlights? I couldn't really understand it when I was looking through it >_<;;

I feel as though, even though I hate to admit it, this season will be one-cour. Volume 7's end is actually a pretty good place to end if they're just going to have one-cour, while Volume 8 is less so because it leaves Nyanta's side on a cliffhanger and introduces a lot of terminology that would be unknown to anime or light novel-only readers.

On the flip side, they might make it two-cour by featuring Kanami's side story between volume 6/7 and volume 8. If they plan on putting Kanami and -her group- in the Drama CD, they've probably already selected VAs for them, which has a whole range of implications. I just hope they don't troll us in the Drama CD and have Kanami talking the entire time.
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