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Well, I don't entirely understand what's said so I daren't make any comments of my own. Very often I find that speculations run faster than fact (especially troublesome when people stubbornly stick to their own interpretations even with the facts right in their faces) and I really rather not spread inaccurate information if I can help it. It's best to direct this link to someone with proficiency in Nihongo instead.

The part in the interview that talks about Season 2 is as follows:

Spoiler for Interview: Season Two:
Yeah, I know what you mean. I read one line in the interview that either meant that they started working on the LH anime a year before it broadcasted, or that S2 was airing a year after the first season did. Two entirely different meanings.

A pity that aohige is no longer with us. Perhaps I could find Sphaela ... somewhere ...

[Edit]: MapGuy said that the discussion is just general information. It seems to confirm that S2 will air at the same schedule as S1. There are mentions of volumes 6 and 7, but none for 8; something else about "character absences" and that there will be some filler material to cover those absences. I'm betting it's either Minori's group (they aren't even mentioned in volume 6, not sure about the end of 7), or Kanami's group.

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