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No, sliders have since been a term for all people who travel between parallel worlds/dimensions/universes, or just dimensions.

I believe that Haruhi wasn't wishing to meet a single slider, like the others(alien, time traveller and esper), she just wished sliding would be possible or something. And the entire SOS-dan are sliders, all of them has gotten in and out of closed spaces, parallel dimensions and such.

Yuki and Itsuki can easily get in and out of specific closed spaces, so they are actually an alien/esper + slider.

Mikuru's theory on time planes is actually similar to dimensional sliding, where you can access different parts of each time line by sliding through a time plane to another.

Kyon himself experienced all sorts of dimensions, he was forced to be a slider lol

Haruhi is even more potent, she creates her own dimensions lol
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