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Originally Posted by Kinny Riddle View Post
To take this thread away from the engaging debate and go on a lighter note for a while:

Does anyone find it hilarious at the end when Shana is surrounded and photographed by all the guys? Even though it is a school festival, such zealous flashing away is as though they're in some anime convention cosplay event.

And this has got to be the episode with the most panty shots I've seen since the last episode of Series I and the Movie, even Oga-chan gets some fan-service shots while being tossed by Margery's fireball.
HA i was so involved with the actual plot that whole series of scenes slipped my mind nice call. But yes there were quite a few panty shots in this one episode and WTF who the hell were those guys and why were they on school grounds. It looked like a Cosplay convention.
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