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Managed to get my hunter to 70 and max out Inscription (I really hope this eventually becomes worth it because after the initial rush it's now probably more money on my server to vendor the mats than put glyphs on the AH), so I'm pretty much ready for WotLK. Glad the scourge "invasion" stuck around a while too, got 3 of the easiest epics ever in less than an hour. Now I just have to level first aid, which I completely neglected since hunter is so easy to level I never had any need for it.

Somehow managed to camp a group of Horde on a PvE server too; one even got on an Alliance alt to ask me to stop, and wasn't very happy when I informed him that since he was attacking a faction town I was going to kill him as many times as I felt like. They finally grew a brain and waited for their flag to wear off before res'ing, after being camped for about 15-20 minutes, haha.

I always said you'd probably need 2 raid groups to effectively take down a city...
Maybe form 3 if you were raiding Stormwind... 1 go through the main gate, a 2nd through the harbor and a 3rd via the Tram... 3-way invasion!

Even a 2-way is stressing since you get to divide the defenders... 3 would just be overkill
You really only need that many because the bosses and guards are tuned for lv 80 characters at the moment, one raid or even less is usually more than enough, especially for cities nobody goes to like Darnassus. Cairne Bloodhoof was actually 5-manned back in the day but they used a pathing exploit and I believe actually pulled him out of the city.
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