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So what are the odds of my 27-something Paladin I haven't played in months to be able to do some of these things?
27? Hmmm well the events, such as the invasions will only be around until Thursday (or Friday in Australia) since that is when WOTLK launches.

For everything else you would need to level. Particularly for Northrend since it is 70+. You'd also need to have TBC to be able to reach level 70. Thankfully leveling is really really easy now they have lowered the experience required by a massive amount.

Paladins (assuming you are Ret) are also a lot more fun now over what they used to be, they changed their combat abilities up a bit. Although to get all of them you'd need to be at least level 60 since both Crusader Strike and Divine Storm are talents. But that gives you something to work towards.

If you don't mind following a guide for leveling (rather then just meandering around, looking at the pretty scenery like I'm wont to do) try Jame's leveling guide, makes things a little easier. There is a Horde version there too if you swing that way. You don't exactly need to follow it but if you get in a pinch it'll help point the way.
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