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1) They are "available to the masses" .... they just won't be marketed. Microsoft did learn a bit -- they're only going to *market* a couple of versions depending on the target audience. Nothing stops anyone from purchasing Enterprise.... and it isn't quite clear which is the crippleware "Starter" or "Basic Home" (spokespeople contradicting each other). Now why they're going to take on the headache of HAVING that many versions to manage beats me. :P
2) Maybe we look at different news sites .... I don't see the 'alarmist shock' reports, even in Slashdot (which really isn't a 'news site' so much as a pointer site with commentary).
3) Yeah, I was hoping for a gritty improvement to UAC.... but not happening it seems.

If they'd sell me a Windows 7 that didn't have IE, WMP, Express, DRM, and other such application-layer apps infesting the innards, I'd be waving its flag as an excellent solution for many people. But I'm not really seeing that .... I can only hope someone slaps whoever thought up "hey, lets limit the # of apps they can run..... um, which things are apps?" before they release it.
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