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Originally Posted by Darsovin View Post
Ah yes, excellent weapon. Only downside is ammunition supply is kind of hard to come by. Only gun shops regularly stock the old .30 cal carbine ammo. More modern pistol caliber carbines are probably easy to feed, and just as light if not lighter since they are based on polymer construction.

But any carbine is typically easier to pick up and point and shoot than any pistol or full sized rifle.

The zombie survival guide doesn't recommend shotguns? Our stereotypical zombie repellent?
Hum... I though the old .30 cal magazines were easier to find than that since the whole point of the M1 is that it's light, it has a folding stock version (useful for combat in small spaces) and uses simple, easy to find ammo.

As for why a rifle is better than a shotgun: a rifle is more accurate, simple as that. If you're on the run from zombies and the whole of civilization has collapsed restocking ammo isn't something you can do easily so you only get what you carry with you. As such you want to waste as little ammo as possible so you don't have to be bogged down with extra bullets.

Also (and this is true in HOTD as shown in the 2nd ep) zombies guide themselves mostly by hear so a gunshot is a rather good way to give out your position so you should avoid shotting if possible. If you must shoot a rifle is more effective since it has higher long/mid-range accuracy than a shotgun so you can pick off the zombies heads before they reach you. This is the most effective tactic since zombies are slow so it's a good idea to make use of that fact. Short-range fighting is the worse thing to do when fighting them: they are stronger than a human and don't feel anything so they win almost always.

I could go on and on but I would just be reproducing the Zombie Survival Guide (by Max Brooks) so go read it, it's great for a laugh (and in the end to get you to stockpile food, ammo and other required stuff for long-term survival)
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