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Just so it ends up said, I'm going to say it. Regardless of what either of you, or any other shippers think, the decision on who Medaka, Zenkichi and the rest of the cast end up with is all up to Nisio and his editor. Regardless of what either of you say, it only really amounts to you speculating, again, I'm not saying it's a bad thing, in and of itself anyway, just that you should keep the fact that this manga is all in Nisio &/or his Editor's hands.
The point of this arguement isn't about who Medaka will end up with I don't even really give a shit about that, the only real reason I'm arguing, is because Sol is saying Kumagawa x Medaka is a certainty, and I'm pretty much baffled how anyone could come to that conclusion of it. I could happen sure but it has a low chance of happening and would need to break a lot of prior buld up. Bascially it's irrational to consider it a sure thing considering current circumstances it has a small chance. But a sure thing? No.
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