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Originally Posted by Tenchi Hou Take View Post
The point of this arguement isn't about who Medaka will end up with I don't even really give a shit about that, the only real reason I'm arguing, is because Sol is saying Kumagawa x Medaka is a certainty, and I'm pretty much baffled how anyone could come to that conclusion of it. I could happen sure but it has a low chance of happening and would need to break a lot of prior buld up. Bascially it's irrational to consider it a sure thing considering current circumstances it has a small chance. But a sure thing? No.
Where did I ever state that it's a sure thing? I've said that the foundation is there (Kumagawa being interested in Medaka, Medaka at the very least not being uninterested in him), and that it will almost certainly receive more development if the story continues (because it's one of the major facets of Kumagawa's personality). However, nowhere have I said that it's a certainty that Medaka and Kumagawa will actually end up together. It simply has at the very least a chance.

And I already said at the very beginning that my reason for supporting Kumagawa x Medaka is not particularly based upon actual shipping, but rather character analysis (and the fact that Kumagawa is one of the few male characters I actually like). In terms of actual shipping, my preferences have evolved over the years to the point that it now revolves almost exclusively around yuri couples. I would be easily as happy to ship Medaka off with some other female character if it weren't for the fact that Kumagawa's feelings for her are the deepest of what he feels for any female.
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