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Originally Posted by Shikimori Kazuki View Post
i bought the Shana manga today and yet to read it. However i have a question.

I want to know which one is better, the manga or the novel? I know the difference. Novel is less pictures with more words while manga is the opposite. But ..does the novel go longer than the manga in 1 volume?

I dont know if i made the right choice or not in buying the manga version >.> I'm not that experience in it.

I asked the store owner and the expression he gives me is *blank* -___-.
I would say the novel, because the it's the source of everything else, both the mangá and the anime are based off the novel.

It's like a movie that is based off a book. The movie may be great but, IMO, nothing would surpass the book.

But that is just what I think.
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