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for all of you complaining about him competing in the US open at 12 it is not quite as rediculous as you think it is not rare for a 16 year old to get into the open as the wildcard and I beleive even a 14 year old had made it in to the Womens US Open in the past. Admitedly for Men 12 is young enough that those 2-4 years really make a differance, but its not soooo unbelevable if he is best in Japan which he is better then all the 15 year olds in Japan which we are supposed to assume after he beats the captain. Also being the son of someone who won 3 out of four opens can't have hurt his chance to get in as wild card even at a young age like 12.

As for beating Hewit im not even going to try to offer much support for that. all I can figure is the tirck tennis that these fictional japanese schools seem to like might be an issue for the pros who are would be much more used to stronger and faster, but more standardized shots. If one watches the Tennnis Opens he/she will notice there are not very many twist/kick serves even though both are real shots that tirck players can do. The catch is trick tennis like that sends balls across with less power so is not really used at that level. As stated though maybe a 12 year old with trick tennis could be diffrent enough to mess with Hewit. That said Hewit should have service aced him every time. Power is just too much greater than that of a trick player who has not yet gotten his raised testosterone levels from puberty.
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