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Originally Posted by Wavedash View Post
Rapidly diverging off topic, but I shall attempt to steer it back after I have my turn at the rudder.

Having not paid much attention to Chihara Minori's career until about 3 months ago, I can't style myself an expert like houkoholic. What I've seen, though, is more consistent performing and a smoother singing style than Hirano (think of the comparable Sakura Mao to God Knows). She could very well rise above Aya if only they didn't have their breakout roles working against/for them.

Now for topic.
Konata's dad was heard for the first time in any capacity in this new ep. A good, if short reading, with great chemistry between father and daughter. Thankfully I have no prior associations with this seiyuu.
Are you saying he's bad? It's been almost 25 years since L-Gaim so he may be a bit rusty.
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