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Originally Posted by Kieli View Post
This I find puzzling. How can one have deep, non-superficial relations with someone when it seems like they're constantly putting people down with every word they utter? I honestly can't see Chiba as something more than rude. But that's just my personal obseravtion. Takatsuki, OTOH, is starting to worry me with her recent tendency to just blurt out other people's secrets under pressure. This unintentional reflex may have severe consequences once other characters are introduced (such as Doi).
Heh, it's hardly constant :P. Saorin's reaction towards Takatsuki in that specific instance was based on her cluelessness/insensitivity in agreeing to hang out with Shuu and his girlfriend. That's the same cluelessness, btw, that led her to blurt out what she imagined to be a pacifier in order to 'explain' Chiba's confrontational behaviour. Chiba's just a lot more perceptive than others, and correspondingly quite a bit less forgiving. She may seem like she's rude, sometimes, but she's just trying to live by a higher standard.

As for Takatsuki blurting out secrets, I thought you were just talking about at the karaoke bar, but you're actually also referring to when she told Chiba about Anna, right? Hm, you do have a point that that makes it twice now...on the other hand, the circumstances are a bit different in that for the first one I think she told Chiba out of selfishness, in some minor sort of attempt to hurt her (or Shuu indirectly) while in the more recent case that was more of her attempt to stop (what she saw as) a pending catfight. We'll have to see if those kinds of situations come up again.
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