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Which in turn allowed HG as a licensee to use the footage and edit it but not create any derivatives other then merchandise (which oddly contains books comics and videogames). This explains why games like RT: Battlecry can use Macross character designs but RT animated sequels like Sentinels and Shadow Chronicles can't.
However, I have noticed a lack of new merchandise and/or other relevant materials being created as of late, perhaps it had something to do with the decision of the Japanese court, which barred Tats from creating any derivatives. Tats did attempt to appeal, but failed.

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Big West tried to get the trademark in the US at the same time as HG but the trademark agency awarded it to HG. HG recently prolonged all those trademarks (they last 10 years) to the end of the next decade.
Not surprising, HG is an American corporation, and Big West at the time was standing on shaky legal grounds.

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And welcome back, Tak. Get yourself over to the light novel thread, where important developments have happened. I want your opinions on them.
Define 'important developments', because I have very specific and narrow requirements, such as Alto and Sheryl having kids...

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