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Yeah, it's some pretty wild speculation. I've been wondering for a while why Minato didn't tell anyone Tobi was behind the kyuubi attack. It occurred to me now that someone must have been there, to take Naruto once the kyuubi was sealed, since Minato would die in the sealing. The only person who'd have anything to gain from hiding the kyuubi's controller is danzou: he'd get to blame the uchiha, remove them as a threat to his rule and acquire a useful sharingan for himself.

So, my theory is that a bunch of people were with minato, including danzou and/or his flunkies. Minato relayed the info to them (and kushina, naruto was a newborn so I'm guessing she must have been there too), then sealed the kyuubi and died. Danzou or his flunkies kill kushina and whoever else was around, take naruto back to the 3rd or whatever and say kushina and whoever else was around got killed fighting the kyuubi.

plot-wise it also sets up danzou as a major enemy for naruto, and gives naruto a personal reason to hate his guts. sadly, it'll probably end with a conversion jutsu as naruto and sasuke both learn forgiveness. or something. kishi better not ruin the ending.
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