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I subtitle this episode "The Descent of Azunyan into Sin and Depravity". Though she fights all the way, the spiral into doom is inevitable.

Not a hilarious episode but mildly funny throughout. Particularly liked the animation of Azusa as she has her "deep thoughts" reverie during the Yui segment (around 18:50+). Her facial expressions were grimly cute.

Jun's behavior in the connecting conversations were very playful cat-like (kept waiting for twitchy tail and ears) so the "eh? Cat ears? what?" at the end was amusing. The whole room was staring at Azusa while she obliviously asked about cafe cosplay choices (doom, doom, doom)

One thing.... virtually everyone in this series is drawn/colored "realistically" (allowing for style) - except Mugi-chan (blonde/bigblueeyes). So Azusa's inner thoughts about Mugi had me wondering again... if Mugi was "hafu" (half-Japanese). That perhaps she was the offspring of some Japanese corporate shogun and a foreign wife. This is never discussed anywhere in the manga or elsewhere that I know of. The only other clue I've found are the "trips to Finland" which might imply Finnish family connections.

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