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Originally Posted by -Sho- View Post
"Dialogue has been simplified so that you only have up to three choices. Each choice is represented by an icon that indicates whether or it's a "good," "nasty," or "badass" choice. Good choices are represented by an olive branch, nasty by a Greek comedy mask, and badass by a red fist. This is an easy way to gauge what response your dialogue choices will produce."

Eh ? does it means that we only got 3 choices for every dialogue .

Like .

Leliana : "Do you like my song?"

Warden's choice :

- "Yes i really do"
- "Na , it stinks , better listening my dog"
- "Hell yeah i want to be in the group too"

And the color effect , i find it too easy to be a saint now .
Yeah, I was worried about that part.

It was interesting to mold your character as you saw fit, at least with the other roleplayable replies available. This feels like a step back.

But if the conversations are well-written, then I guess that's what really matters in the end.
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