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Originally Posted by kujoe View Post
You're starting to sound like Morrigan.

I'm not sure what to make of the character design so far. I mean, it looks good... but it also looks highly unique, as if that's the only piece of armour available for him.

Perhaps, Bioware is just going to make it customizable ala Mass Effect 2?

Man, I hope not! Surely, with other classes available to the player character, there will also be different kinds of equipment available.
I'm sure there's choices, Bioware would be treading on dangerous grounds if even the choice of clothes are limited. I'd expect Bioware to lean towards a more favourable 'default' slate though, with Hawke's voice, default face, fancy armour and weapons to look cooler as a warrior's than a rouge/mage's, kind of like 'default Shepard' is Soldier and Vanderloo.

Besides, it's nothing a few mods can't solve.
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