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Originally Posted by Detective-san View Post
So I need protipz here guys, how do I write them in-character?
- To get the character right, , you must be able to act the role of that character.

Watch the episodes focusing on the characters again and try to 'get a feel for their personalities. Try to put yourself in the character's shoes AND get an understanding of what the character is like, you'll be more accurate than just going by what you see onscreen on the show.

If you have ever taken a theater acting course, it should be easy--try to act like the character (in your head, mentally)--basically to get their personality in such a way that you can pretty much know what their reactions to situations will be spontaneously.

A lot of fanfic writers make characters totally OOC when writing because they make them act the way they think they should act (i.e. like a director telling someone to act a certain way), as opposed to being the person.
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