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Great ending for an awesome series. This episode deserves a solid 9/10.

The last episode (23) brought my hopes up for something a bit more epic than what the method of deceiving the world ended up being but of course the decision for this kind of ending was understandable as there was only 1 episode left (though the VN didn't have that kind of limits so they could have done something more "epic"). This was my main reason for not giving this episode a 10/10 Of course, even Okabe explains how Okabe tends to speak about simple things :P

Oh well, overall this episode wrapped things up very nicely and left, as far as I know, no things unexplained except for the time machine... what happened to it? Is it still on top of the roof... does the microwave time machine still work etc.? Whatever the case, the most important questions like who picked the metal upa were answered and that's what matters.

Most importantly, after this episode, I feel satisfied. I am not angry, I want more but because things are so well wrapped up, I don't need more in order to just feel satisfied. What an honorable ending! Some series should really take a lesson from Steins;Gate!

Overall, this series has been the best anime series I've seen in years. Overall score 9,5 out of 10 and shares my top1 anime spot with Death Note.
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