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This is a pleasant surprise. It has a lot wrong with it -- particularly how it's not only embarrassingly-heavy on the fanservice, but also surprising *bad* at making the fanservice "work" (at least for me) -- but there's something about the way it handles the settings and its mysteries that just seems really, really solid.

It's something about how it has just enough mysteries to be interesting, and unlike, say, Lost, it doesn't keep piling weird stuff on top of weird stuff without explaining everything.

In any case I've read up to the end of volume 14, and the mysteries just keep getting cooler. I'd be a bit surprised if it winds up being about time travel or "bermuda triangle"; as of the end of volume 14 I think it's pretty easy to guess at the general idea of what's going on on the island.

I don't have any guesses as to how specifically the story will wrap up, but I will say that by the end of volume 14 it feels like the story's at about the 60% mark; basically I'd expect that once Yarai's group and Sengoku's group get back together the story will at least have the option of moving into a final arc. (On the other hand, if the author wants to drag it out further that'd be easy to do).
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