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Originally Posted by Vena View Post
There's a vast difference between the usual tsundere group and Mikono, particularly in the fact that your usual tsundere group has constant developments with the guy for the whole run of the show, not five times in twenty five episodes and all in the first half. Their also shown to give some form of an initiative even if its, well, tsun and are much easier to read.

Her reason has not been *shy*, she told you the reason for keeping her mouth shut: fear of getting hurt. Not embarrassment, fear (being shy does not make sense with the crap she pulled in 19, I honestly just hate that scene with a passion). She was thinking about herself before others (and why I found Amata's confession in 25 utterly bizarre) and that has led to:
- Her friends being in pain because of her.
- Two idiots fighting to the death over her, causing all sorts of cascading effects of bad to happen.
- Indirectly enabling Mykage in almost every single way.

Let's look at that Mykage one:
- She leaves Amata at ND with the salient promise of telling him *something*, then admits that she *knew* what that something was and that her actions were causing Amata and Zessica to *suffer*... but did nothing. She went off to "connect everyone and save MIX" and didn't in particular accomplish either of those. (This is just the plot giving her *reasons* to do stuff but never actually letting her *do* said stuff. Like the: I want to be stronger and contribute! Show proceeds to make her unable to do anything but be a damsel.)
- Amata, disoriented and never sure about how Mikono feels about him, has a terrible dream... what's he do? Goes chasing after her like a moron. Leading to everything going wrong. (This one is more Amata's absurd character shifts at work.)
- Zessica? She's left to suffer where apparently she did not need to be suffering because Mikono had the solution, and eventually gets her body skyjacked because of said suffering. Zessica/Mykage proceed to ruin everything.
I agree with mostly everything you said.
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