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Why no one likes Kagura ? But everyone just bumbs off Amata?
The most memorable thing I remember from Amata is this
During 25 episodes and 100% plus till the very end. Why should Amata care for a guy who wants to "kill" Mikono:
-Because that "guy" is part of HIM. And if that is not enough then, what about listening to Mikono who does not want him to hurt Kagura. Cīmon Amata knows about reverse power of Kagura. Gotta be a bit dumb to not realize the meaning of the quote " We can kill each other all night" by Kagura. Or the vision of the wedding, which clearly says he does not want to kill her and everyone saw that vision.
Amata gets a bonus when he says he loves Mikono as Mikono, well said. But I dont think that Kagura does wrong in loving Mikono for her being Sylvie. Kagura resembles Apollo more than Amata, so its natural that after that tragic end, he wants Sylvie back. Cīmon his soul waited 12 000 years. Amata doesnt give a shit for that, but Kagura does, and I dont think its wrong that he is trying to fulfill a promise that he did with her.
Furthermore, we have to show more sympathy towards Kagura. Kagura tells him about his childhood with Mykage treated like a dog (sorry even stray dogs have better life) and he ignored him focusing only on his own lonely childhood on the streets. Kagura did not kill their parents but Amata does not even try to understand that he and Zessica are being manipulated.Can you imagine the suffering of being manipulated and hurting the people you love when you dont want to? Amata does not know that painful feeling. Amata had that hard life not because of Kagura but because of their parents who left BOTH. He makes Kagura the big villain with that totally not true vision of little Kagura burning their parents and making a evil smile, a thing that would never happen because Kagura would never kill his own parents by his own will. And Izumo didnt even had balls to tell him who he was, but sure had to tell to Amata.
Amata was acknowledged by his mom and dad at the very end, forgives them and cries and Kagura was not even called you know why?Because if Alicia had called him he would just turn his back and thatīs it. He was not Emo enough so it was excluded from the happy reunion.
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