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Originally Posted by Amata Sora View Post
I see what you mean, in a way, he kinda needs her.
However, Amata actually fell in love with her( Not really an excuse for obsession) and now he is afraid to lose her like he lost his mother.(hence a somewhat valid excuse for an obsession)
You're kidding right? Amata didn't fall in love with Mikono, he's been on the Destined first meeting soul mate clutch for ages. I'm surprised he knows anything about her considering how little time they're together and even than that time has been mostly wasted. While Kagura gets down to business and doesn't waste a second.

Another point is that if he loved Mikono than he wouldn't be treating her as an object that he simply must have to the point that he willingly sacrifices his friends if need be. If Mikono loved him than why is it that she's shown far more interest in Kagura while leaving Amata hanging? She wouldn't even tell him that she liked him before ditching him.

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