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What is the point of the War Lord if he going to stab you in the back when the final moment comes? Croc and Jinbi sided with White Beard. Wasn't their mission to fight White Beard?

Uh, so did you forget that the reason Crocodile joined Luffy in the first place was so that he could KILL Whitebeard? And this was despite him not being on Luffy OR the government's side? And he was already an ex-warlord by the time the war came around, so he doesn't really have jack to do with my point about Law. Jinbei doesn't count either since he quit of his own volition (notice that he wasn't stripped of his status when he was imprisoned in Impel Down). Fact is, it's not going to look good for the government if they have to constantly boot warlords out of their ranks. I mean, if insubordination were really that great an issue, then Doflamingo for instance would have already lost his position looooong ago. Dofla, who was literally playing around with vice-admirals like puppets when he was first introduced.

But I stress again, Law helping Smoker to resolve the Punk Hazard conspiracy would work wonders for him AND the government. Because as I already said, the Shichibukai's duty is to maintain order in the world's balance, and nothing more. I mean damn, if the government could overlook Doflamingo dabbling in slave trade (in which the world nobles even participated in, in case you forgot), I'm sure they'd turn a blind eye towards whatever shady business Law's up to as long as he helped stop Caesar from creating nukes or whatever doomsday weapons he's been building in his lab......

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The WG does not have to do anything for Law. If smoker learns about the alliance between Law and Luffy and reports it, the WG will not be pleased. Luffy is in direct confrontation with the WG, his father is Dragon, He sided with White Beard, and he has declared war on WG. If Luffy becomes a Yonkou level fighter, would you trust Law to uphold his contracting knowing there is an alliance between the two?
Hey, wasn't Jinbei openly allied with Whitebeard when HE was a warlord? And like I already said, it wasn't the government who revoked his position, it was he himself who renounced it. At most, I could see the WG keeping a closer eye on Law if they were to learn of his alliance with Luffy, but they wouldn't take any direct action against him unless they were absolutely certain that his plans would jeopardize their existence....

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looks like Vergo's ability is along the lines of gravitation or meat attraction/ manipulation.

Explains the stuck hamburger and Traflagar dropping down to the floor.

That doesn't explain the french fries stuck to his face in that flashback panel, though!
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