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Well the only thing that wasn't from the common route in this week's episode was the inclusion of the beginning of Isara's route with her being bullied (and it even looks more terrifying than i would have imagined, because you never actually saw the bullying in the game aside from the guys who said that Isara stinked).
And a small advancement into Satsuki's route (including her dealing with the members of the air sumo club).

Michiru's stalking from last week wasn't explored further this week. So i don't think we get any advancement in her story unless we get to the part with the harmonica
Spoiler for spoiler:

So far, the anime has small bits in it from every route except Mifuyu's. Which is not strange because the events that started her route started later.
The anime mostly seems to favor Satsuki though.

edit: i have noticed that the pacing of this episode has slowed down in comparison with the previous 3 episodes.

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