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Originally Posted by anigu View Post

And driving tanks is quite a dangerous sport, don't you think?
Not much more dangerous than driving monster trucks, BMX, or high-speed water sport. Not much more dangerous than any motor sport really. The only difference is that you have a large cannon at your disposal, and given that they seem to fire inert rounds for Panzercraft (powder shells most likely from presentation), it's not like there's a chance of killing anyone with your weapons when everyone's sealed the hatches.

In fact, due to the relative slowness of many tanks, it's actually safer than the above mentioned motorsports. The only dangers would be from environmental obstacles like pitfalls (as chapter 2 of the 'main' manga illustrated), or high-speed collisions (since WW2 era tanks aren't known for having much in the way of driver safety in that department), and the latter shouldn't be a problem considering standard tank combat tactics.

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