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Originally Posted by Tenchi Ryu View Post
Kochou being Kakizaki's sekirei was always confirmed, just not in english. It was on the japanese sekirei wiki page for the LONGEST.

Anyway, I was already losing interest in this manga, this chapter made the downward spiral of interest speed up. Higa now has a heart? GTFOH. Sakurako seems like she won't spend no time developing the feelings for the other sekirei, looks like it will just be the Musubi and Tsukiumi show. Well, I'll just be looking forward to the anime.
No, Higa's "I have a heart" bit is an act, as far as I'm concerned. He's now using his three remaining Sekirei in openly attacking the current management of Hiyamaki Enterprises. He's simply backed off from Minato for the moment because Minato is just a bit too strong for him, for now.

Yeah, getting real hard to remain interested in this manga when the author, not only takes too many breaks, makes chapters too short, but starts making the characters do things that completely don't match their established personalities just to rush the plot.

And why the heck is Mikogami still alive? Having Higa kill him off would have rushed the plot much better than Higa's "tin man" act, and it would have been CONSISTENT (not to mention the author's promise that Akitsu would be going to Minato afterwards.)

Oh well, keeping fingers crossed that Mikogami simply falls off that flying island that Minaka has magically summoned over the city, where the final fight is supposed to happen. Although it wouldn't surprise me if Minaka does something insane/stupid and the island simply comes crashing down, killing everyone simply because Sakurako is tired, and simply doesn't care anymore, wishing to go back to her favorite genre, Yaoi!

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