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Originally Posted by Newhope View Post
Ya if it does go down the 1 girl route it'll make the series pretty dull because we already know who the"one girl"will be.
dont worry... he will have his harem becouse he will become the choosen one who will break the sekirei fate rule and will reawaken all those who fell... its what the series is about...(and how his ancestor was :P)

right now minatos sekirei just want some talk about what he thinks of them...they made the who goes next selection... and each has a small talk about what minato desires and what he thinks and what wants to do after the sekirei plan

I guess minato himself confirmed that he wants to be like its now...with everyone... so it wont be a "just one sekirei" when he will gain all jinki's he will will like god so earth rules wont apply to him anymore :P so if he wants his girls back he will get them back and live happy ever after
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