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Perhaps you are referring to Ignis from Jingai Makyou?
No, you can see the girl I'm referring to in the pics posted just above you. According to msg its Date Masamune =)

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^woah...themanforlife're the man Well..the girl who keeps covering her one eye with her hair is masamune date (i'm sure of)- the one eyed dragon.One of the students councils...the rest i'm not sure.lemme try to deduce...hahaha

Spoiler for reply:

yes it's true kinda off... d'artagnan actually like muneakira and is having a crush on him at one point of a time.Dártagnan was already yoshihiko MS way before muneakira came to the dojo.She become yoshihiko MS because of her father.In the anime it's the opposite...she's liking yoshihiko instead of muneakira
Gisen well it's more of her wanting to be accepted by muneakira and his group rather than having feelings towards him but she do like him.

its true that both of them was once yoshihiko's MSs..but not anymore (except for d'artagnan)[/SPOILER]
I should be thanking you. You are the only reliable english speaking source on the Hyakka novels. You have no idea how much I, and hopefully everyone else appreciates all the info have you given us. I think Date maybe my new favorite design.

It really is to bad the anime had to deviate so much from the novels. I would have really liked to see all of these characters animated. And I wish the offical site would update its character section already. The only character to be added in like 3 years is Keiji. Maybe you should email them asking them to update it
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