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Episode 13. Finally a Discovery!? A Clue to Finding the Princess!

Came late and was left behind by a week.

To summarize my experience with the thirteenth episode, finally, I'm starting to feel quite more or less bored watching all the four PreCures in this season delivering their individual attacks as a group in sequence. Hence, now I'm begining to feel the effects of watching the same routine growing old on me.

Now, they continued building on the trope from the previous episode; picking-up another episode character and building her personality instead of treating her like MoTW sacrifice.
In this episode it was Alice's rival and childhood friend, Reina; typical ojou-sama archetype character trope in anime.

It was quite a nice build up, particularly when Reina used her convenience group of friends to do foul play on Mana and co. in order to make Alice go bananas.

However, the real course came a little after beginning of this episode when Regina appears to the group, but I don't quite get two things:
1) How come the fairies did not react to Regina's presence? I mean she's evil and to top it all, she's King Selfishness's daughter. They should detected some amiss with the girl's pressence.

2) How come the girls are in shock and yet stand idly when Regina magically makes the roses wither? Honestly, such feats like that not only spell suspicious but that character is likely bad, though that rule not necessarily applies in many magic-girl shows because is taken as a light issue to pay some serious attention on it.
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