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Originally Posted by Raniie View Post
Ok, we all should know Yuuichi's purpose for coming back to his childhood city, by now, to recover his lost memory and fix the events in his past. What we don't know is what made him return there. Did his parents forced him? Why did he suddenly decided to return to the town he has very little memory of? In the begining of the first episode (for Kanon 2k2 and 2k6), there was no explaination on why he just suddenly show up in a town he used to visit during his childhood.
Kanon 2002 episode 1, 06:30 min:
  • Yuuichi: "The only reason why I'm here again so suddenly is because of my parents. They had to go overseas because of their work. Since I was being left alone, I had to stay at my cousin Nayuki's place."
  • Nayuki: "Since they were going overseas, didn't you want to go with them?"
  • Yuuichi: "I can't even speak English very well and you want me to try Swahili?"
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