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Say, which one is a better way to show the hero team losing to say, the best team in the league?

Situation: #10 player (starting PF) has a "heart problem" (if you know what I mean) so the coach elected not to let her play. So they're stuck with the MC (player #12) as the starting C while player #9 (starting C) has to play the PF spot.

In-game, Hero Team loses Team Captain (#4) and Super Rookie (#13) to injuries. Captain had a recurring injury (kinda like Tezuka's arm injury, except that hers was on her leg), while Super Rookie slammed her head in an attempt to save the ball.

Kinda depressing, right? But everyone stepped up and the hero team led by the end of the first half. Then the Opponent Team showed everyone why they are the #1 team in the league. Hero Team tried to win it in the final seconds but came up short.

*BGM: "Black Paper Moon" (Soul Eater 2nd OP)*

a. Hero Team rallies from down 10+ points, only to lose in the end.
b. Opponent Team overcomes a 10+ point lead to beat the hero team.
c. Back-and-forth game until the Hero Team drops.
d. Anything else?

Thanks in advance.
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