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Hmm, I'm considering changing the setting from high school to middle school because HS girls seem to be closer to their full height than their middle school counterparts.

I guess the reason why Slam Dunk and KnB has HS boys for players is that boys usually stop growing later.

I was thinking that if I use middle schoolers, I can safely write moe characters without the readers feeling "too much lolicon" (GS, see Ro-Kyu-Bu!) or "they're no longer moe because they're too tall." (HS).

Of course, it's not yet final, because I'm still doing some research about average heights for Asian/Japanese girls ages 12-14 and the usual scores in middle school basketball. Still, I want to create a run-and-gun offense-type Hero Team with the MC being a tall defense-type Center player.

Just in case you're interested, here are some of the final scores I came up with:

10 minute quarters, FIBA International Rules

Hero Team (W-L 7-2)
vs Boys Team - W 64-62 (rest assured, this is just a fluke since the story will end right away if the Hero Team /meh)

vs Rival Team - L 40-96 (this comes right after the Boys Team Match, so the Hero Team wasn't able to play at full strength)

vs Bigs Team - W 63-59

vs Small Ball Team - W 85-71

vs Top Defensive Team - W 60-58 (with the MC successfully blocking the potential game-winning shot by the ace player of the other team in the final seconds)

vs Top Offensive Team - L 68-70 (this is the game I said about; Hero Team got really short-handed because the starting PF was too heartbroken to play while the Super Rookie hit her head in the floor trying to save the ball. But Captain plays big in the 4th quarter while still nursing the ankle injury but misses the game-winning three-point shot)

vs Finalist Team - W 88-62 (Starting PF comes back big here)

vs Rival Team - W 70-66 (Payback Time!)

What do you think?

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