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Comparing anime and novel is like comparing Britney Spears music with Metallica's. There are some minor similarities but on the whole - they are very different.

Anime takes out all the drama and majority of romance parts from the novels and replace it with fanservice and comedy.

As a result anime's plot feels pushed into the background and characters feel incredibly shallow. Novels aint work of Shakespeare yet, compared to anime it feels like it. Like anime simplifies Louise's character, while in novels she develops and actually can be a very sweet and kind girl (as long as Saito does not screw himself up) in anime it looks like impossibility.

The best example is how anime and novels dealt with volume 7 ending and volume 8. Its Saito's grand battle from season 2 if you remember - in novels he is wounded severely and is found by the Tifa and cured but looses his powers so does not return to Louise, while Louise thinking that Saito is dead tries to kill herself. And only later after a lot of trails they find each other again, and their reunion ends up with one hot night where they almost had sex with each other - in anime he is instantly revived and comes back to Louise and starts blabbering about huge breasts and is beaten up. Quite different huh?

Thats how different they are. Manga though is closer to novels, have a horrible artwork that is so bad that even doujin authors should be ashamed (well the author of the manga was/is doujin maker, and pretty bad at that, so no wonder). I have no idea how such pitiful doujinshi maker got the rights to make ZnT manga. I can name at least few hundred of doujin makers (not talking about actual mangaka's) who are miles better in terms of artwork.
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