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Thing is after his act of awesomeness almost instantly almost instantly follow a screw up. Like he confesses to Louise and she gets much closer to him after that, but on the same day she learns that he spent a night with a drunk maid.

Could you trust a girl, if you would learn that she spent a night in other guys house (who has a feelings for her) drinking.

And the same thing happens all the time.

Does Louise act like bitch when they meet in vol 8? Not at all, in fact she is all over him, she goes back to the bitch mode only when Saito screws himself up with Tifa and Siesta. And this way it goes always like that.

Her acts are not that confusing if you have at least some brains. A prideful girl who is willing to give you her virginity which in their world is pretty meaningful, just for a reward? Give me a break, you have to be an idiot to believe it.

And Saito being new to the world does not excuse him being a total retard as far as general social rules go. If he would have been living in some cave in Japan I would believe it, but he did not, and since he obviously has zero understanding in that one can conclude that he is a retard.
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